A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Play as a fire sprite alone in a dark world. Use fire light up your surroundings and find the ultimate treasure.

I plan on adding more levels to this game and rereleasing it in the future, but this is just one level for now. This game was made as a final project for Unity class.

The background song is called "Underground Life" by the artist Uppermost.

Install instructions

for pc: download the zip file and unzip it. Click on the folder illuminangel_windows. then click on the illuminangel application (located underneath illumination data folder). the this will extract the game. Once that is done, click on the extracted application and the game will play.

for mac: simply click on the application after it has been downloaded.


Illuminangel_x86_Windows_Ver3.zip 175 MB
Illuminangel_OSX.app.zip 56 MB

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